3 October 1983 – Queen released “Live In Japan” a heavily edited VHS of concert Seibu Lions Stadium from the final concert of the ‘Hot Space Tour’
3 November 1982 – it was exclusively released in Japan 🇯🇵 (Brian May Soapbox)

Queen released ‘Live In Japan’, the final concert of ‘The Hot Space’ tour which was performed at the Seibu Lions Stadium in Tokorozawa, Japan on 3 November 1982 (Traditionally attributed to Tokyo, Seibu Lions Stadium is in the suburb “Tokorozawa.”)

This is the final concert of the ‘Hot Space’ tour and it ended here in Tokorozawa (3rd leg) after 69 performances by the amazing Queen!

It was released exclusively in Japan and is just one of the many video releases that has yet to see a revamped and expanded release.

It Features a Brian May-dominated selection of songs (of the seventeen featured, twelve were written or arranged by him), the video sees Queen trawling through a (heavily edited) set at the end of an exhausting tour, and it’s easy to see that tensions are high among the four.

There are some wonderful performances here: the “Now I’m Here” medley is as high energy as it gets, while “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” finally shows the band in good spirits, with Fred Mandel’s piano accompaniment an absolute highlight and one of the reasons the band continued with the extended jam.

Also nice is the first-ever release of “Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)”, a song that was performed only in Japan and took on a more poignant slant when sung in perfect English by the natives in the audience.

Because the video was filmed at the end of a seven-month trek round the world, Freddie’s voice in particular struggles throughout, and the band look extremely weary and exhausted.

But ‘Live In Japan’ remains an unavailable (in the Western Hemisphere, at least) release offering a rare glimpse into some of the less explored aspects of Queen’s tours.

Around the time of its release, in December 1983, about a thousand lucky Japanese fan club members had the privilege of seing the complete show on video over five screenings in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. It hasn’t been seen since.

Thankfully, eight of the seventeen songs (‘Flash’ through the ‘Now I’m Here’ reprise, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and ‘Teo Torriatte’) were released as bonus tracks on the 2004 ‘Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl’ DVD, along with the sound of this concert’s previously unreleased ‘Calling All Girls’ set to a photo gallery from the 1982 Hot Space tour.

Source: Queen: Complete Works by Georg Purvis pg: 388