Do you think you’re better every day? No, I just think I’m two steps nearer to my grave….

Keep yourself alive, c’mon .. Keep yourself alive” 🎤🖤Queen, Take 2 – Today, 1 October 1973 – Queen film another promo video for ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ and ‘Liar’ at St. John’s Wood Studio in London. The original video for “Keep Yourself Alive” was shot on 9 August 1973 with Mike Mansfield (who later became known for his gigantic concert recordings) as the director. Tensions ran extremely high between Queen and the filmmaker who in response to each of their suggestions, politely thanked the musicians reminding them of their inexperience.

In the end, the band angrily fired Mansfield and discarded the video. The band felt the video was not within their creative world. It was true, the psychedelic (neon) visuals did not represent Queen at their best. It gave the band a very dated look. The kaleidoscope effect made you feel you as if you were back in a 1968 Iron Butterfly video. It was the complete opposite of the band’s vision and what they were trying to achieve. They refused to use Mansfield’s images as it portrayed a false image of them and they took matters in their own hands (as usual) and took over production.

The second version was recorded 1 October 1973, right before the band commenced an extensive British tour supporting Mott The Hoople, it was directed by Queen and Barry Sheffield (manager of Trident Productions). They filmed the video with a darker – dramatic, a more atmospheric lighting, earning their approval. This recording would be the one used on all further releases.Technician Bruce Gowers was on site ensuring everything ran smooth for the day, he developed a friendly relationship with the band. They would work with him again, in the future (Bohemian Rhapsody). The recording was never released publically and was only ever seen by fans one of four bonus tracks on the Queen discography Box of Flix released in October, 1991, shortly before Freddie Mercury’s death. This video footage is nearly 50 – years-old – and it’s absolutely incredible.👉