Freddie’s hair nearly caught fire during the video shoot of ‘I Was Born To Love You

Freddie’s hair nearly caught fire during the video shoot of ‘I Was Born To Love You.’ This song was released as a single on the ‘Mr. Bad Guy’ album. David Mallet the video director said of the incident,” I also remember with Freddie in front of those mirrors, I wanted to give him a halo. To give someone with black hair a halo is quite difficult.
And we put this sodding great light above his head, and after about half an hour, his hair started smoking literally. Literally smoking! And I remember shouting, Fred get the hell out of there before you catch fire!

Mallet also said that the wobbly mirrors were totally by chance. He said, “Freddie singing and dancing in front of all those mirrors was actually a lucky accident.
In the video shoot the playback speaker was put near one of the mirrors. It’s the bass of the speaker that started to rattle the mirror, and I remember looking thru the camera and thinking, ‘God that looks good.’ So we ended up with a runner boy kicking each mirror in time with the beat. And thankfully we didn’t break any mirrors, but it worked.”

Credit:The Express and David Mallet

The smoking hair that could have turned Freddie into a human torch, and the vibrating mirrors were all by chance events that created one of the most fun and sensual videos from Queen.
Freddie was terrific in this video and was having the time of his life. Seeing him happy made me happy and no matter how many times I watch this, the biggest smile comes over my face which will continue, ‘Forever And One Day’.

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