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I added 3 pictures from Live tour the town Hall England

27 November 1973, Queen performed @ The Town Hall, Birmingham, England “Queen I Tour”

According to a fan who saw the show, half the audience was at the bar at the beginning of Queen’s set. They were David Bowie fans who were there to see Mott The Hoople (Bowie wrote All The Young Dudes, their biggest hit). With each passing song, more people left the bar to watch Queen and were won over by the energetic show and the musicianship.

There’s a funny moment during the a cappella second chorus of Hangman, after “Hang that rope from the highest tree”. Freddie, in a campy voice, says, “Yes, you’ll do that” (as he did last night in Keep Yourself Alive).

Queen’s fortunes varied somewhat on this tour. On many nights they were reported to have blown Mott The Hoople off the stage, but on this night things didn’t go quite so smoothly. Someone who attended the show recalls a noticeably nervous Freddie Mercury, who even tripped over a monitor at one point: “Freddie was clearly winded, but continued on from the floor as if it were part of the show. This impressed some audience members, but not everyone. During the last song, Freddie was hit in the face by a hot dog. With ketchup falling down to his neck, he was visibly distraught.” 😮

The third pic is particularly interesting, as it is the last known shot of the fuzz switch still visible on Brian May’s Red Special. Over the next year it would be removed, the hole covered with duct tape, and replaced with a red dot (and later black tape again). In 1998 it was finally replaced with the “May Star” as seen on the front cover of his 1993 solo album Back To The Light.

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