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Freddie Mercury celebrates a second Birthday on

7 September 1975 in Ulm… 🎉🥂

Just a couple days after Freddie celebrated his legendary 39th birthday party (black and white drag ball) in Munich, 5 September 1985, he was invited to celebrate a second birthday party at the Aquarium Nightclub in Ulm.

Freddie Mercury maintained close contacts in Ulm until his death.

Ralf Grimminger wrote a book on Ulm’s nightclub Aquarium, published in 1999: the German book ‘Nice Society’.

Freddie had a special relationship with Ulm, as Ralf Grimminger writes in his book. The megastar was friends with Garry Lottermoser and Manfred Zauter, owners of the legendary nightclub Aquarium in Kohlgasse. Celebrities from the music scene who came from Munich passed through Ulm and it was well acquainted by actresses Barbara Valentin and Elisabeth Volkmann.

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Freddie Mercury celebrates a second Birthday on 7 September 1975 in Ulm

Freddie’s famous 39th birthday party was not only celebrated in Munich, but also in this another German city called Ulm, for a special party in his honor which was held right in the famous nightclub Aquarium, where several celebrities enjoyed spending their time. The book with the story of Mercury at the Aquarium was only published in German.

According to the author, when Freddie was looking for a suitable club in Munich, he was accompanied by his friend Barbara Valentin and his partner Winfred ‘Winnie’ Kirchberger, trying to be as anonymous and unrecognizable as possible.

He was in the process of “testing” one of the clubs when he and his friends were not allowed in. Then finally the security guy recognized Freddie and decided to let him in but… without his friends! When Freddie heard this, he replied, “If my friends can’t get in, then I don’t want to go either.”

On 7 September 1985 Freddie arrived in Ulm by train, without any mention of his arrival. That same evening he showed up at the club dressed in a tuxedo, which made him feel very uncomfortable. So when Freddie took the stage to be celebrated, he got rid of the tuxedo in a hurry, remaining half naked, wearing only white jeans.

One of the guests, a highly respected local business woman, was unpleasantly surprised to see this kind of striptease, and was taunted by Freddie, who replied without hesitation, “You can also take off your clothes. I do not care.”

But the most extravagant moment of the evening had not yet arrived! There was a waitress named Rosy Ott who had worked in the club for a long time and was there that night. She turned out to be the only woman in Freddie’s life to have slapped him in the face!

At one point Freddie, topless as he was, approached the unsuspecting woman from behind, put his arms around her and put his hands right on her… breasts! Without a moment’s hesitation, the distraught woman turned and slapped Freddie across his face! 😮 (Freddie obviously caught her off guard.. we know he meant no harm and he just loves having fun)

As soon as she realized who she had just hit, she was even more shocked than before! With his cheek red after the slap, Freddie jokingly said, “No woman had ever hit me! Ever and never!”.

The singer then received a cake in the shape of a large guitar.

Freddie has repeatedly invited friends in Ulm at concerts or sent them plane tickets so that subsequent guests can join him and accompany him anyway. He maintained contact in the city until his death, in particular with Garry Lottermoser, as reported in the book ‘Nice Society’.

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