Gallery update Freddie Mercury in Japan 1986

I always loved touring in Japan, particularly with all those geisha girls – and boys. I loved it there; the lifestyle, the people, the art.

It’s Wonderful! I’d go back tomorrow if I could. We knew it was going to be really exciting as soon as we landed. As we walked into the airport building, we couldn’t believe our ears. They had stopped all flight announcements and were playing our music instead. It’s an incredible feeling to step into a country already filled with fans, and we all hoped we could live up to it.

At the time, Queen II was the LP of the year, and the hysteria started the moment we got there; riots at the airport, bodyguards, just like the old Beatle days. The organisation was spellbinding, and we loved every minute of it. We needed protection because you couldn’t go down into the lobby of the hotel – it was infested by really nice people waiting for autographs.

We each had a personal bodyguard, and mine was called Itami. He was the head of the Tokyo bodyguard patrol and his entire job was to pamper and cosset me throughout the tour and make sure no harm came to my person.

He was very sweet and gave me a lovely Japanese lantern, which I treasure.”

Freddie Mercury

Mr. Itami-San took care of Freddie during his trips to Japan from 1975 thru 1986 (His last trip Ever)

The picture is Freddie with Mr. Itami doting his final trip 1986

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