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Did Freddie have a workout routine…

Did Freddie have a workout routine…

“Freddie had no fitness regime as such. He was the only person I have ever met who had two complete home gyms, one in New York and one in Los Angeles, who never used them. Freddie had no specific workout schedule. He was one of those very lucky people whose body was naturally fit. He had a very fast metabolism, so he burned fat quickly. He was also very active and didn’t like spending time lying in bed or sitting on the sofa.

You’ve seen in video shots from shows that he did some running on the spot and small jumps before a show, which was really just to warm up his body for what would essentially be a 2-hour workout on the stage. If you think Queen toured the world each year, there were a lot of intense exercises.” (Peter Freestone)

A funny anecdote from this specific time period; June 1970 provided by Pat Johnstone. Sue and her sister Pat were dear friends with the band from Truro. The sisters actually started the official International Queen Fan Club!

Queen’s first ever concert was planned for the City Hall, Truro on 27th June 1970. It was a benefit concert organized by Roger’s mother, and booked originally for Smile.

Pat and Sue Johnstone provided accommodation for half of Queen on that historic weekend.

“Brian and John Harris and Freddie certainly stayed with us in Rosedale up past the City Inn when they played their first gig at the City Hall. They stayed in our attic room and Freddie would stand on his head with his legs crossed doing yoga against the wall. He had long hair and would use our heating tongs to curl his hair in the way he wanted. And my Dad was completely taken aback and initially thought they were all a bit weird.” – Pat Johnstone

Pat also said her dad wanted to get their garden sorted but he worked so much that he didn’t get around to it. The boys said they would take care of it with such enthusiasm. They spent the weekend digging the whole garden, planting, taking care of the flowerbeds. They were lovely and they adored her Dad. When he came home from work and saw all the work in the garden, he was so emotional and grateful. He thanked the boys and told them how lovely of them. He said, “I’m very touched.”

Source: ‘Queen In Cornwall’ by Rupert White

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