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Freddie loved towels and bathroom linen of all descriptions.

Freddie loved towels and bathroom linen of all descriptions. The bigger the towel the more he liked it. Freddie found a large array of exotically patterned bath sheets, huge, almost the size of bed sheets. He also found some amazing blankets which he used to wrap around himself while watching television rather than putting them on the bed. He might have not even been cold but just loved the blankets which were of a fluffy man-made fiber representing angora, patterned in circles, stripes and triangles of bright primary colors on a white background.

Freddie Mercury : By Peter Freestone with David Evans

Freddie was a Mega Star, a Legend and a giant in the music industry. But yet he was just a man filled with tenderness, gentleness and who loved the simple things in life which provided him comfort and solace. I can’t be sure, but I would assume those nights watching T.V. wrapped in a blanket provided him some of the most peaceful times in his life. We should know everything we possibly can about Freddie, and I think this is a sweet little find.

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