“It’s A Hard Life

June 1984, Queen on the set of “It’s A Hard Life” promo video, directed by Tim Pope and filmed at the Arnold & Richter studio in Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

The extravagant video was very expensive. It included a large number of extras and an enormous set. The video also featured a custom made guitar designed for Brian in Japan, the piece has a skull shaped body and long, bone shaped neck which was impossible to play and far too small for Brian, but at a cost of over £1000 it was used rather wisely as much as possible.

Roger, John and Brian weren’t too thrilled with the costumes as they were tight, heavy, uncomfortable and hot. They spent long hours filming the opulent scene of debauchery. Roger threatened to walk off the set!

Freddie of course, had a marvelous time in his red outfit with the eyes or as Roger called it, the ‘Mediterranean Prawn.’

Roger openly admits to “loving the record, but really hating the video”, said in the video commentary: “I think we look more stupid in this video than any other artists has looked in a video.”

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