Freddie is… Well, he’s my best friend

“Freddie is… Well, he’s my best friend. He’s very good for me, you know. I do not like meeting new people, but when I’m with Freddie I stop being shy! It’s amazing how he “works” on me. And sometimes he’s the only one person who understands me… He’s my voice, you know…”

– John Deacon

4 Comments on “Freddie is… Well, he’s my best friend”

  1. Hey just so you know, this quote is not true but comes from a fan-written story. John never said it in real life.
    I don’t want to doubt John and Freddie’s close friendship but this is a false information, it would be good if you would be professional and stood corrected. Your page is very nice and always full of great informations, but it happens to slip sometimes!

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