What happened the hour or so after a concert …

What happened the hour or so after a concert …

“The first half hour or so was the same after almost every show. I was in the dressing room helping the guys out of their wet clothes, undoing shoe laces, taking of the shoes and socks, basically giving them a chance to cool down.

They would be discussing the show, the good parts, the bad parts everything. Generally after this, family and guests would be allowed in to be with the band.

If the record company was there, everyone would go out for a meal and then part company to go to whichever bar, club or the hotel that they wanted to go to. At some gigs there was a very quick exit, where each band member was guided into a limousine and taken straight to the plane which would then serve as the dressing room as we flew to the next destination.

Helicopters were used only when there was a good chance that the band party would get caught up for hours in traffic jams after a show like Knebworth.”

Peter Freestone

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