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Gallery update Freddie Mercury at Queen’s post party at the Aladdin Casino

Freddie Mercury at Queen’s post party at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas December 15, 1977

“Only a select group of trusted photographers were permitted to photograph Queen’s performances and their photo sessions as they very controlled. I was invited to an exclusive post-concert party at Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas back in 1977. I was there with my pal Rodney Bingenheimer and we were welcomed with open arms. I had this wonderful dinner, we sat by Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. I knew Freddie was really camera shy so I only took a few pics, he hated to have these taken. Freddie was not one to mug for the camera. He was cool about it though. I was really shy too and I didn’t want to bother him. We were treated like kings. Concerts sometimes were a bore to shoot, but not with Freddie Mercury at a Queen gig. We will always miss you Freddie!”

Brad Elterman


Brad Elterman snapped the pictures


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