Gallery update The Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas, Nevada “News of The World” Tour

15 December 1977, Queen performed @ The Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas, Nevada “News of The World” Tour

The entire first floor of the building was a casino. The band’s limos had no alternative but to drive through between the rows of slot machines to get to the theatre in the back!

This gig in Las Vegas was one of the shows Bob Harris and his crew had intended to film for his documentary (though the footage has not been seen).

The film crew fly home after the fabulous Houston gig, Bob Harris remains and travels with the band to the next venue, in Las Vegas, where additional interview material is recorded, and where they have fun.

The filming provides Harris with an unusually close inspection of Queen off-guard and he largely approves of the view. He becomes especially close to Roger and they goes on a three-day binge in Las Vegas where they vow to have at least one drink in every bar and hotel. 😁

“It was the era of self indulgence. They each had their own limo and sometimes it would have been easier to walk to the venues from the hotels but that wasn’t Queen’s style. Freddie was theatrical but not hostile or aggressive. They were all very courteous. I cannot remember a single moment when there was a bad atmosphere. The four days I was in Vegas, I had a fabulous time, sightseeing and club-hopping with Roger Taylor and his minder. We gambled lightly, drank heavily and saw a couple of wet t-shirt competitions.


The day i checked out, I bumped into one of the guys from the Queen crew. As we talked, he idly slipped a quarter into a slot machine and to to our great astonishment, he won the jackpot! Coins were spilling out everywhere. People were rushing all over handing us those little cardboard buckets and they were helping us scoop up the money. Having settled up his winnings, the cashier gave him a silver dollar, a token given to all jackpot winners by the management.

As we waited for my car to arrive, we stared at the monster slot machine that sat astride the hotel entrance. It was said to be the biggest one-arm bandit in the world at that time — a glittery, gaudy monument to gambling. It stood about ten feet tall, used a power-station full of electricity, and only took silver dollars. He couldn’t decide whether to keep his as a souvenir or take a chance at winning the world’s largest jackpot.

After some deliberation, he slid that big, shiny coin into the slot. It took the weight of both of us to heave down the heavy, chrome handle and we stood transfixed as all the coloured lights started to flash. One by one, three identical symbols came down into the illuminated windows….chunk, chunk, chunk. His luck was unbelievable! Sirens went off, the man was a hero. I stayed long enough to learn the jackpot he won was worth over 17,000 and to think it all started off with just a quarter.

Source: The Bob Harris Autobiography

In 2001 Brian May recalled how his guitar didn’t work for his trademark solo for ‘We Will Rock You’ at the beginning of the show.

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