Gallery update Candids Freddie with Freddie Mack

“Freddie was at my older brother Julian’s 12th birthday in his ‘Hard Life’ costume. I called Freddie ‘Ga Ga’ because of ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ it was the hit of the time.

When ‘Ga Ga’ came over, I actually was disappointed, I was expecting stage costumes, crowds and cheering…He would always say, ‘Sorry darling, I’m actually quite boring. This is me. This is it.’”

“My uncle Freddie gave me this huge teddy bear. It’s been everywhere I’ve been and now it’s home with my family and I see the same huge smile on my old girls face when she tackles this huge, entity of a bear (a pic of the bear is below) Freddie was a proud godfather!”

“He was at our house a lot during my childhood when he lived in Munich. If he was in London, he’d just fly over. We were the surrogate family for Freddie. We gave him that glimpse of domestic family life. He could move about here without being stopped all of the time. He was away from the party scene. It was a place he could retreat and just be himself without the need to perform in anyway. He was comfortable…

Even to this day, we still talk about ‘Uncle Freddie’ basically every time I sit down with anyone in my family.”

Freddie Mack


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