“We were in Montreux Switzerland, back in 1978,

“We were in Montreux Switzerland, back in 1978, working on new material, it was my birthday and a very jolly happening. Especially Freddie Mercury was feeling good. Early in the evening he was drinking, something he rarely did by then, he was all ‘work work work’.

So he got drunk very fast. At one moment, we were partying in an old castle, he climbed up on the balcony and from there he jumped to the chandelier and swung there for a few minutes in a way it would make Errol Flynn blush. After the swing he landed on a table filled with drinks and food. It’s a miracle he didn’t hurt himself. The day after this, he couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

Roger Taylor

Freddie later said, “I have always wanted to swing from a chandelier. And when I saw this exquisite cut-crystal thing dangling there, I just could not resist it!“😂

A Beautiful picture of Freddie and Roger snapped by Neal Preston during Queen’s North American ‘Jazz’ Tour 1978

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