Queen filmed the video for ‘The Invisible Man’ at Pinewood Studios, London

26 July 1989 – Queen filmed the video for ‘The Invisible Man’ at Pinewood Studios, London

It was directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher (Torpedo Twins).

The third single from The Miracle was ‘The Invisible Man’, and the Torpedo Twins were given the task of bringing the imaginative video concept to life. Filmed in Pinewood Studios, home of many a Bond movie, the video depicts a typical British household: mother, father, teenage daughter and young son, who just happens to play The Invisible Man computer game containing the band, who then break out of the game and perform in the boy’s bedroom.

The video was shot on 26th July 1989: Roger’s 40th birthday, and, to celebrate, a huge cake was wheeled in midway through filming and a large amount of champagne helped make the remainder of the shoot more enjoyable. 🎉🥂

Once again, here Queen were proving their worth as innovators: the video used computer animation, most notably during Brian’s guitar solo, when a legion of Brians effectively become the Red Special orchestra, who are capable of firing laser beams from their guitars 🎸

“This was very ahead of its time at the time, and I think it goes very well with the song. I think it was a good inventive single. I love Brian’s guitar solo in the middle, and the way that was done, I think it’s very clever and I think it’s a neat little video.” – Roger Taylor

“I think this is one of our better efforts again, I think it’s a really good one. Lots of innovation, some very clever effects, and the shooting. Telling the story of how this little boy is playing his video games and the characters come to life and become part of his life. Again, I think the idea’s been done quite a bit since, it doesn’t seem so original now, but it was pretty original in those days.” – Brian May

The video, which certainly received a modicum of airplay in the UK (the single was a Top 20 hit there), has since become a firm favourite amongst Queen fans, appearing on both The Miracle EP and Greatest Flix II VHS releases. It was also included on the Greatest Video Hits 2 DVD in 2003.

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