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July 1986 – Freddie shopping with Mary and entourage

July 1986 – Freddie shopping with Mary and entourage

“It was funny to see how things really go. We organised a trip to Szentendre for Freddie in the greatest secrecy. We went there by three cars: I was in one with Freddie and two friends of mine, who offered to guide him through the antique shops, while there were guards in the other two.

We arrived to Szentendre with three enormous black vehicles. We needed fifteen people to go anywhere with him, so we entered the antiques shops in a small crowd. The news spread with light speed in the town.

By the time we exited the shop, there were at least three hundred fans outside waiting for Freddie, who gave a few autographs. This happened 3 or 4 times until the end of our visit: there was a great excitement around him, although he just went to buy some relics.

However, he came with me to the Great Market, he disguised himself with a baseball cap only and nobody recognised him; and he was just looking around, acting like any other tourists.”

László Hegedűs

He organized the event

Source: Hungarian Daily News

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