The more and more I worked for Queen and got an opportunity to be around Freddie Mercury

“The more and more I worked for Queen and got an opportunity to be around Freddie Mercury, it just became an extraordinary thing for me. I didn’t know it prior to finishing the tour, but it ended up being , musically, the best tour that I had ever been on. I mean, The Rolling Stones tour was awesome, but the Queen tour was so incredible theatrically, music-wise, and vocally, and the light show was second to none. It was like some kind of….I don’t know, I don’t even have the right words for it. Every time I try to come up with the right words for what a Queen show was like, my vocabulary fails me. I can’t do it.

All I can tell you is, if you ever had a chance to see a Queen show back in the day, then you had an opportunity to see something very special, because Freddie Mercury is an incredible vocalist and an incredible showman. He could take a crowd in the palm of his hands and make them do whatever. We’d have shows where he’d be singing and people would be crying.

I said it then, and I’ll say it now, if there are five people who can sing and perform better than Freddie Mercury could, show them to me. As a matter of fact, if there’s even one, I’d be surprised, because when it came to singing, performing, and theatrics-the whole shebang-he was just incredible!”

Victor “Vic” Robinson – “Never Say Never”

Personal Security Detail for Freddie Mercury during the 1982 “Hot Space North American Tour”

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