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Gallery update backstage Canada

26 January 1977, Queen performed @ The Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

‘A Day At The Races’ Tour

There’s many pictures of the band backstage. The first picture is the band with Ian Hunter and Roy Thomas Baker (they were special guests).

Freddie loved taking pictures and enjoyed his Polaroid before the show. He was taking tons of pics. The band were fascinated with his hobby. Brian May took the beautiful picture of Freddie snapping pictures on his Polaroid camera as seen in the third picture.

Brian enjoyed photography, Freddie himself also embraced the art – despite being known for being shy in private – he loved snapping away with his polaroid.

Brian said the following of Freddie:

“Freddie was a photographer. He loved his Polaroids. He used to take masses of Polaroids of all his friends, portraits, and then give them all away. It was just one of Freddie’s things. Very generous nature, Freddie. He loved photography. I was able to snap him in the moment

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