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Freddie had this IT FACTOR

“Freddie had this IT FACTOR. Everything about him just calls to you. He’s kind, which you can tell. He’s fun. He’s confident, and has more charisma than a human should be allowed. He moves about on stage and when he does, his moves seem to fit the music perfectly.

Freddie is fluid and graceful and he becomes the music. He is a little guy and usually when you meet stars and they are little it’s all a let down but his presence seems big.

I like his do what I want attitude. Just everything about him just fits together perfectly. It’s hard to explain. He is just appealing to the eyes.

He is just a whole lot of fun to look at. He’s also super photogenic. He’s just got IT. Whatever it is and that mesmerizes you. Also from what I’ve read, when he paid any attention to you, he had a way of making you feel like the most important person on Earth even if just for a minute. He made you feel special for however long you talked to him from what I hear. That, is super hard to pull off.

Freddie was just magnetic in every possible way even off the stage. He was just this perfect puzzle of pieces that was even better than like that super traditional Brad Pitt look. Every so called imperfection, made Freddie even more irresistible idk why.

I sometimes think he’s from the planet Rhye. It has 7 seas. He sometimes seems to me to be bigger than human. It’s completely impossible to explain. There aren’t words honestly it’s like attractiveness became human and it was him.”

Credit to Julie Perkerson

BS in Public Relations and Journalism

She has a Freddie fan page on Quora

Her description is perfect of Freddie. The “IT FACTOR”, now that’s the truth

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  1. Wow! Perfectly stated! Sadly I never had the honor of seeing Queen live (I refuse to see them with Lambert), and thus only able to view the videos. But even there, Freddie is mesmerizing! As many times as I have seen the various videos, be they concerts or interviews, I simply cannot tear my eyes away from Freddie! On stage, prowling around with the combined grace of a jungle cat and a Baryshnikov, executing moves that would be impossible for those half his age, and emoting from every pore of his beautiful body! Even his speaking voice will draw you in. The man could simply read out of a dictionary or something, and I would be enthralled!

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