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1 August 1986, Queen performed at Mini Estadi in Barcelona, Spain 
“Magic Tour” 

1 August 1986, Queen performed at Mini Estadi in Barcelona, Spain 
“Magic Tour” 

This is the first of three shows in Spain 

After ‘Another One Bites The Dust’: “Many people are saying that Queen are gonna break up. Do you understand what I’m saying? Many people are saying that Queen is gonna be kaputt. This is not true, okay? We will always be together as long as you give us such a lovely welcome.” 

During his solo spot, Brian tries out a harmonizer pedal (he used one during ‘Get Down Make Love’ in previous years). He later stated how exciting that moment was for him. What he plays are a few licks that would end up being on a track recorded during The Miracle era called ‘Chinese Torture.’ He would do this on each remaining night of the tour. 

The band plow through the middle section of ‘Now I’m Here’ with vigour. Building off that they lengthen the song before the breakdown like they had done on previous tours. Roger Taylor plays a ripping drum solo, and Freddie’s cue into the final fanfare is priceless – “shoot it out, motherfucker!” 

Brian says a few words to the audience in Spanish before ‘Love Of My Life,’ and in a response of gratitude, the audience start chanting his name in unison. Freddie responds, with mock jealousy, “I don’t like it! Too much adulation!” 

A news spot on Spanish TV was done the next day, and it was this interview Freddie expressed his admiration for Montserrat Caballé. He said:
“You won’t believe this but my favourite singer is Montserrat Caballé. I’m not just saying it because I’m here. She’s absolutely fabulous! She is the best! That’s what I listen to.

Please click the above link, he speaks of Montserrat towards the end 

Word quickly travelled to Montserrat and Freddie’s dream of singing with the Operatic Diva will soon become a reality. The Barcelona project will be in full force the following year. An album that certainly broke barriers. 

The three shows in Spain were initially intended to end the tour. 

It seemed there was no end to Queen’s omnipotence. Rallied by their show-stealing set at the previous year’s Live Aid, the band now saw promoter Harvey Goldsmith swamped with bookings for their twin shows at Wembley Stadium. 

A further two 35,000-capacity dates in Newcastle and Manchester were added as a release valve, to no avail. “They literally sold out in two hours flat,” noted Goldsmith at the time. “So we’ve added one huge show at the end of the Magic Tour at Knebworth Park. We have a capacity there of 120,000 – and on the first day of tickets going onsale, we sold 30,000 tickets. They seem to have an endless market

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