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We were out to dinner in a flash London restaurant

“We were out to dinner in a flash London restaurant. In the table, next to us, was a the famous Formula One driver.

From the chatting going on across tables, it was ascertained that this F1 driver was going to a night club across the city, that Freddie, often, went to, so Freddie bondly said: ‘Hey, my Gemma’s a bit quick behind the wheel.

I bet we could beat you to the nightclub!’.

Freddie being Freddie. All i remember is going about 90 miles for hour the wrong way down, one ways stretts, lights flashing, and Freddie bouncing up and down, sat in the front passenger seat of the Roller, willing the car to go faster and faster, like some demented Roman chariot driver.

We beat the F1 driver, of course!!

Peter Jones worked for Freddie from 1978 to 1985 as personal assistant/ bodyguard/driver. Freddie also named him: Gemma

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