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Freddie Mercury became a student at Ealing Art College in September 1966

Freddie Mercury became a student at Ealing Art College in September 1966, and spent the next five years before forming Queen trying to ‘make it happen. For the first year, he was one of just two male students studying fashion design. Former fashion students remember him making a voguish patchwork leather jacket and stealing one of his mother’s silk tablecloths and turning it into a shirt.

To supplement his grant, Freddie spent one summer holiday working as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport. But manual labour didn’t suit him. When he discovered the college’s evening life-drawing classes required models, Freddie signed up, stripped off and earned £5 a time. ‘You were given a towel to protect your modesty’, recalled a fellow model, who wondered how many elderly ladies sketched a near naked Freddie Mercury in the late 1960s.

I imagine all those old ladies drawing an almost naked Freddie! 😍😂 I also ask myself if someone has one of those sketches somewhere

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