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gallery update 11 March 1977, Queen performed @ Pacific Coliseum , Vancouver, BC, Canada

11 March 1977, Queen performed @ Pacific Coliseum , Vancouver, BC, Canada

After four days’ rest Freddie puts in a great performance.

After Freddie pours some champagne on the audience: “Pass it around. There’s enough to go around!” During Sweet Lady, Brian is late coming into the second chorus, which throws Roger off, and John is forced to muddle his way through the transition until they work their way into the bridge, and the song continues as normal.

Freddie, after Sweet Lady: “Now, does anybody have any requests for tonight? ‘Keep Yourself Alive,’ we’re gonna do that.” He looks the other way and asks, “Any from around here?” Someone in the audience shouts “Brighton Rock!” numerous times, and he gets his wish. “I’ll tell you,” Freddie continues, “I have an idea” (as if they’re playing the song off the cuff, but it’s always the next song in the setlist), “I think right now we would like to feature Brian May on the guitar. How about that? Okay? And this is from the ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ album, a song called ‘Brighton Rock’.”

Freddie, after ’39: “As you’ve probably gathered, we like to try out the different styles that you hear on our albums. All the heavy rock and roll to the softer things. I hope you don’t mind. We’re gonna do it. This is a song from the very latest album from Queen. This is from ‘A Day At The Races,’ a song called ‘You Take My Breath Away’.” After the song, he quips, “Maybe we’ll come back next time with an orchestra. What do you think? We might do just that. A hundred and sixty piece, or something like that.”

There is some tasty guitar work from Brian about five minutes into ‘Jailhouse Rock’, and Freddie compliments it with some great adlibs. At the end of the show, Freddie says: “Thank you Vancouver. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Goodbye, and god bless you.”

A fan, Joe Burlon, recalls the night: “I remember Freddie toasted the crowd, then passed a champagne glass to a fan. I also remember him whipping his mike stand out to about the 10th row (always felt bad for the guy who got that in the head), and the stage hands had a helluva time pulling it back up on stage by the cord.”

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