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My relationship with Freddie was love at first sight

My relationship with Freddie was love at first sight.

Freddie was a whole universe, he didn’t look like any other artist before him and there will never be anyone like him, his legacy is an incredible proof of that.

I met him several times in the 70s and 80s.

It was so spectacular to see him at her premiere of the song “Barcelona’ in Ibiza, so in love with Montserrat, grabbing her hand.

He was great, he radiated magnetism.

We had a lot in common, like our love for cats! And for the jewels!

I remember once we met and wore the same bracelets, kind of like a snake but different in color and was very surprised by the coincidence.

He was special and very creative.

He was an artist, a visual artist.

He was like a sponge, a genius.

But offstage, he was very shy and introverted but still magnetic ….

He was also the only man who in the 70s painted my nails with black nail polish and i did for him too.”

Bertha M. Yebra (spanish magazine redactor).

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