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You like to have thousands of people chanting your name?

Melody Maker: You like to have thousands of people chanting your name?

Freddie Mercury: Of course, It’s wonderful. The adrenalin’s there. Absolutely wonderful. But I suddenly think ‘I’ve got all this power, I can Destroy!’ It’s not a destructive thing I’m too wonderful for that darling. I’m too good.

Melody Maker: Freddie, I understand you were upset about a story in The Sun that claimed you had ‘confessed’ to being homosexual.

Freddie Mercury: I was completely misquoted. But from the beginning, the press have always written whatever they wanted about Queen, and they can get away with it. The woman who wrote that story wanted a total scoop from me and didn’t get anything. I said: “What do you want to hear? That I deal cocaine?” but for God’s sake, If I want to make big confessions about my sex life, would I go to The Sun, Of all Papers, to do it? There’s no fucking way I’d do that. I’m too intelligent.

Melody Maker: But this is a good time to be gay. It’s good for business.

Freddie Mercury: Isn’t it? Isn’t it? But it’s wrong for me to be gay now because I’ve been in the business for 12 years. It’s good to be gay or anything outrageous if your new. But even if I tried that, people would start yawning ‘Oh god here’s Freddie Mercury saying he’s gay because it’s trendy to be gay’

Melody Maker: Haven’t you always played with that image though?

Freddie Mercury: When I started off, rock bands were all wearing jeans, and suddenly here’ Freddie Mercury in a Zandra Rhodes frock with make-up and black nail varnish. It was totally outrageous. In a way |Boy George has just updated that thing, the whole glam-rock bit. George is more like a drag queen. It’s the same outrage it’s doubled.

Melody Maker: But does Freddie Mercury need Queen at all?

Freddie Mercury: “You?rat! I suppose so, yes. I used to think we’d probably go on for five years, but it’s got to the point where we’re too old to break up.” (laughter). “Can you imagine forming a new band at 40? Be a bit silly wouldn’t it?”

Extract from interview August 1984, Munich, Germany – Melody Maker

Pic: August 1984, Munich, Germany – Queen before press conference at ‘P1’ Club

– The P.1 Discotheque, a mock baroque confection that grows out one side of the Haus der Kunst (the Art Museum to you).

Queen were holding their ‘European Media Meeting’ (during ‘The Works Tour’) in Munich because it was their favourite European city –

In the original photo Freddie Mercury is with the other members of the group

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