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Does Freddie ever appear in your dreams?

Does Freddie ever appear in your dreams?

“From time to time, and for some reason he’s always talking to me. I had one dream not long after he died where he kept saying, You’ve got to be there Brian, you’ve got to be there… And I woke up in a daze thinking, Where have I got to be? I was quite keen to get back to the dream and find out what it was I was supposed to be doing.”

Brian May (Q Magazine, July 1998 Issue)

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  1. That is amazing, Brian, having a dream about Freddie. I wished I did too, have a dream about Freddie. He was the best singer in the whole world 🌎. I really miss him now. I still listen to his songs and videos. Such a perfect voice. Wish he was still here. R.I.P Freddie love.🙏🌷😎

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