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Queen film their video ‘Hammer To Fall

25 August 1984, Queen film their video ‘Hammer To Fall’ Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪

David Mallett was the director

The band kicked off ‘The Works’ Tour the previous evening 24 August @ Forest National and the audience members from the concert were invited back to participate in the video. The band filmed their entire gig so selected portions could be used.

Freddie invited the audience back for additional filming. Here is all that Freddie had to say before the song:

“This next song we’re gonna use in our next video. So everybody just go mad and maybe later you’ll see one of you guys inside the video one day. Oh, just go crazy, take your clothes off. It’s called Hammer To Fall.” After the song, he simply says, “Good night, you guys!” as that was the last song of the set.

The Dutch fan club invited only about twenty of its members to attend the video shoot the next day. They were instructed by a roadie to sit quietly on a chair and not to move or approach the band members. After a few hours, Brian came over and had a chat with them, checking to see if they were enjoying themselves and if they were hungry. He then promptly ordered them some take-out!

Here is a fan’s recollection: “On the night of the gig, there was a camera mounted on an arm that would swing over the front rows of the audience during a few songs. These audience shots were taken during Tie Your Mother Down, Radio Ga Ga, and Hammer To Fall itself. I guess they also had a camera up in the box at the back of the hall [as there are a few shots of both the audience and the band]. I don’t remember any cameras onstage during the gig – just the one mounted on the arm.”

The backdrop for the stage was based on Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis. It had steps on either side of the drum riser linking a catwalk behind Roger.

Two enormous cog-wheels were hung at the back, both of which turned towards the end the show. These wheels were worked by hand from behind the backdrop, as it was believed that the mechanical wheels may not be reliable.

The incredible lighting rig covered the whole stage, top and sides, and each bank of lights was worked by computer to turn, tip and swivel during the set, and a massive column of lights flashed at the back of the cogs.

“Give It To Me One More Time

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