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Freddie backstage at Knebworth with contest winners August 9, 1986.

Freddie backstage at Knebworth with contest winners August 9, 1986.

The magazine ‘Smash Hits’ competition winners – from left to right, Steve Eastwood, Duane, Freddie, Helen Graham and her daughter Sarah.

Smash Hits catches up with Joe Fanelli at a table who explains, “Freddie does it because he loves it. He’ll wake me at four in the morning,” he laughs, “and wants me to fix something for him and John Taylor. Or he’ll turn up suddenly and say, ‘can you stretch dinner for 35?’ He Expects perfection. Of course we have rows, but,” he sighs, “he always wins.”

“I expect to die in the next couple of years from it,” Freddie smiles. “I think it will wear me out before I tire from it.”

The winners are then led to Freddie’s private caravan.

“Hi guys, excuse the horrible shirt,” he apologizes before doling out kisses, handshakes and autographs.

So, What did they think?

“I touched his mustache!”

“He’s small — but perfectly formed!”

“He was soft and cuddly just like I expected!” (awe )

What did he say to us? He said, “I’m glad the tour is over — it’s a drag. I want to go home and get fat!” Lol

What a lucky group of fans .

Smash Hits Magazine – 27 August 1986 issue

Freddie Mercury’s final concert with Queen

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