Queen performed @ The Montreal Forum, Montreal, Québec, Canada

29 August 1980, Queen performed @ The Montreal Forum, Montreal, Québec, Canada

A ticket price of $10.50, will allow you to experience Queen’s incredible lights, amazing sound, hit after hit and the power of Freddie Mercury!

“The Game Tour”

This is the last known performance of ‘Need Your Loving Tonight’ on this side of the Atlantic. But interestingly enough, the addition of this song tonight leads to a fun historical tidbit – Queen play all five songs of side A on The Game, the first time they perform an entire album side at a show!

After Freddie asks the audience about his new look, he adds: “It’s my moustache, and I’m gonna keep it.” ❤️

Brian May reveals the following about lights, sound and touring to Melody Maker in 1980:

“The flashy thing, that if it looks good and is well presented, then it can’t really have a substance. A couple of years ago that was at its peak, that if you had a decent light show and a good PA, that was selling out to commercialism. I think people have got over that, the groups that were successful from that period have started to go down the road we’ve gone down. If people are paying to see us, it’s worth being able to be heard properly and seen properly. It’s worth doing a complete show that people are satisfied with.”

He also noted that “touring is certainly the most immediately fulfilling part of what we do, and it’s not really a big strain – mentally or physically – because we’re well organized, we know how to do it. All you have to worry about is playing well on the night. For me, it’s by far the best part of being in the band. Suddenly, life becomes simple again!”

May didn’t discuss the tensions that surrounded the making of ‘The Game’ album, but he did say that “on the whole, I wouldn’t have it any other way. … I think you need the balance, you need to go out on the road, you need the studio to develop ideas. … But there is always somewhere new to conquer, as it were.”

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