Did Freddie donate to charities …?

Did Freddie donate to charities …?

“Freddie actually gave a lot of money to HIV/AIDS charities anonymously while he was alive. He never wanted the world to know what he was supporting or how much money he was giving away. Generally, he would give money to a friend of his who would then make the donation for him.

He also let his doctors try out various new drugs, which eventually became part of the ‘drug therapy’ treatment. He knew that the drugs would not give him a longer life span, but hoped that the results of tests done on him would help AIDS sufferers in the future.

Because Freddie knew he had a limited time left to him, he just concentrated his energies into creating music, which was the most important thing for him.

He knew he could not change the outcome of his life, so why waste what time he had thinking about the inevitable.

Freddie also thought about the future and in his will left all the remains of his estate after 50 years to be divided and given to two charities.”

Peter Freestone

We know Freddie was a selfless man, a humanitarian, a beautiful man inside out! A heart of gold.

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