Queen performed two nights at Palazzo dello Sport in Milan, Italy

14/15 September 1984, Queen performed two nights at Palazzo dello Sport in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

Below is an article published on Queen’s arrival

It was a gloomy morning that day in Milan in September 84. It wasn’t supposed to rain but it did. We were finalizing preparations for the arrival of the “queen” Freddie Mercury and his noble companions. I remember that we were constantly notified of the increase in the number of people on their staff and, consequently, the number of hotel rooms available to us decreased. We ended up forced to sleep eight in the same room, as in boarding school. It was still very rock’n roll. Four limousines, one for each member of the band as many cars for the staff. Five bodyguards, one for each, two for Freddie.

Let’s go back to that unfortunate rainy morning in mid-September. The house, as we called our Emi headquarters, the place of the event, was very spacious inside, but the idea of bringing Queen together with the media in the large garden would certainly have been appreciated by everyone. The catering staff, the technical staff, the Emi collaborators, all waiting for the miracle that would allow us to set up everything outside. But the rain persisted and the sky was in a black. A decision had to be made in the middle of the morning. The arrival of the band was expected at 12.30, that of our journalist guests at 12.00. Even though the rain continued to fall, I could catch a glimpse of a veiled ray of sunshine struggling to make room and I, of course, cheered for him. But those who were pawing to set up, starting to prepare drinks, food, lights and microphones inside, cheered for rationality. Overlooking the street, I saw the people walking with their umbrellas open, the cars with the windshield wipers running, the overflowing puddles. Of course, one would think that it was enough to check the weather on the internet with a computer or a mobile phone…. but it was 1984 and the technology was still poor. The only virtue that existed at the time was that many records were listened to, vinyl albums with large colored covers full of information, which were listened to entirely and over and over. This press conference was in fact organized to present, in addition to the two Milanese concerts of Queen, also their album “The Works”, published after their appearance in San Remo.

Punctual as a Swiss clock, at 12.30, on splendid royal carriages, the Queen arrived and, with them, a warm and total sun. Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and, of course, Freddie Mercury made a pompous entrance into the garden of the house, greeted by a loud applause. The sun had made everyone in a good mood and of course me too. The meeting with the media was extremely pleasant and informal. Freddie, always professional and very relaxed, confessed his love for our country, as the cradle of opera music, of which he was a great admirer. Arriving towards the villa, he had the opportunity to admire the statue of Giuseppe Verdi, a composer who had given him so many emotions.

In the evening I organized dinner with them in a restaurant near the State University. A pleasant evening with long chats, both with the band and their manager Jim Beach. It was perhaps for this reason that, some time later, Jim Beach decided to take a house on the island of Elba. Later the “queen” was accompanied to a very, very exclusive club … God save the Queen … because … Freddie you’re a boy make a big noise … playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday … singing … We will We will Rock you …

Massimo Bonelli was a Former General Manager of Sony Music, he spent 35 years in the world of marketing and record promotion, always accompanied by a great passion for music.

Extracted from article:
Here Comes The Queen
Massimo Bonelli 2015

The picture is of Massimo Bonelli with Freddie Mercury, Ravizza street, Milan, 14 September 1984

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