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Before I met Freddie, I was friends with my neighbors,

“Before I met Freddie, I was friends with my neighbors, a couple named Jim and Jim. They were excited to meet Freddie, Therefore, Christmas of 1981, we decided to celebrate at home. Freddie brought a full case of Moët & Chandon to the party. Everything went very well and of course, Freddie enjoyed meeting them.

After that Christmas, we got together several more times. It turned out that Jim and Jim wanted Freddie as an exclusive friend for themselves. They tried inviting Freddie out to do things only with them. They became a little distant with me and my friends after they chased Freddie, trying to get his attention.

Needless say, they were no longer my friends. If Freddie ever accepted an invitation to their place, I don’t know. I don’t think he ever did, he wasn’t that type of friend. And if he did, I’d be fine with it, he was his own person and made his own choices. After all, I didn’t OWN Freddie.

By March of 1983, we no longer spoke of the two Jims’. When my real friends met Freddie, they never tried to cut me off for their own selfish pursuits. These other ‘so friends’ treated me with envy and jealousy because I knew Freddie and he was a good friend of mine. Freddie didn’t play games like that, he loved meeting new people and never cut his friends off at all. He was an amazing friend anyone could have. I can never say that enough. He didn’t care if he was famous, he wanted to be in your circle doing ‘normal’ things. His status was never an issue! He was just an average guy wanting to have a great time with everyone. A loving, fun and caring friend.”

Thor Arnold

Thor and Lee remained his dear friends from 1980 until the end of his life

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