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When I was about seven years old I had piano lessons,

“When I was about seven years old I had piano lessons, I really enjoyed it. That was my mother’s doing. She made sure I stuck at it and I did it up to grade four classical, practical and theory. At first I kept up the lessons because I knew she wanted me to, but then I really grew to love playing. Then I gave it up because basically I sort of play by ear really and I can’t sight-read at all. So I gave that up. All my sort of playing is done by ear.

I can’t read music that well. It takes me a long while. I don’t need it. I leave that to the others. It’s not like Mozart, is it?

Harmonies are quite easy [without reading and writing sheet music], you just have to work on it. After a while I just sort of fall into a pattern. And experience. I feel I’m getting better every year, don’t you? I’ve learned a lot from our past albums actually. See how they’re constructed and things. You use what you’ve done in the past, and then work out different things.”

Freddie Mercury, 1976 🌹♥️

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