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5 days after Queen’s Hyde Park (free) concert,

23 September In 1976 – 5 days after Queen’s Hyde Park (free) concert, the band wanted to thank the fans for attending and making it a HUGE success by way of a “thank you” advert in the music press!

Queen always classy 💛👑💛

Even 46 years later, the band still think highly of their show at Hyde Park and is amongst some of the band’s most memorable shows ever played. This show is one of their highest attendances and it was by far the biggest the band played in the entire decade.

“I think Hyde Park was one of the most significant gigs in our career. There was a great affection because we’d kind of made it in a lot of countries by that time, but England was still, you know, we weren’t really sure if we were acceptable here. So it was a wonderful feeling to come back and see that crowd and get that response.” ~ Brian May

“There was practically a monsoon, the rain hit everyone even under the spotlights but Freddie sang undeterred on the edge of the stage, the memory of that moment will remain indelible. The many people who stayed to see us were moving. I was upset because I had to throw away my drums, it was also a new kit. I hope the pneumonia passed to everyone.” ~ Roger Taylor

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