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Freddie sometimes felt that he had disrupted people’s life so much

“Freddie sometimes felt that he had disrupted people’s life so much, in terms of his own close friends. When he fell out of love with a lover, if they had a deep friendship underneath, he wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing them displaced in any way. Those were his words.

He thought one of the main motivation for his generosity in this matter was his own guilt even though it came naturally, but don’t get me wrong: Freddie never bought friendship.

I am one of the lucky ones whom he allowed to get close to him and no amount of money could explain the feelings that any of the people close to him felt. Intense loyalty mixed with love, admiration. I would have done anything he could have asked of me, but he never asked. He never expected.

As has been made clear to me, I can talk for all his friends and say that every single one of us took great pride in knowing him. There was no expectation on his behalf when he lavished friends with gifts he bought, because their friendship was what mattered to him. This loyalty could have a very protective manifestation: He could argue with a friend, sometimes fall out for a while but the underlying friendship remained.”

Peter Freestone

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