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15 April 1985, Queen at a press conference in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺 ‘The Works’ Tour

They will perform a total of eight shows down under;Four in Melbourne (April 16, 17, 19 and 20) and Four in Sydney (April 25, 26, 28 and 29)

Brian they like you at Guitar Player magazine. Wouldn’t you prefer it if Queen was more musical and less theatrical?

Brian May: That’s a very loaded question. Not easy to answer. I like the dramatic side of it in terms of dramatic accompaniment to the music. Because the music is dramatic. I don’t think we end being less musical because we get involved in the theatrics. If your asking what kind of theatrics I like that’s a different question, I prefer rock theatrics to showbiz theatrics. We all have different feelings on that. You mean you’d like to throw away the camp end of it? Brian: You can’t throw it away because there’s four of us in the band and we all have to have some kind of outlets. And when the ‘showbiz theatrics’ dominate? Brian: Sometimes it can be too much. Or maybe that’s just an inside view, The man in the street loves all that stuff. Like if you have two consecutive tracks on an album and one is more musical and the other is more?..camp or just more easy to assimilate, there’s no question which one the public will go for. I sometimes get the feeling that the musical details I concern myself with are only noticed by me and a few other guitar players. I consider myself a craftsman really and approach studio work in that way. Freddie Mercury says that the reason Queen albums take so long to record is because you can spend a year working on one song, while he likes to do one a day.

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