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I was asked if Freddie was ever sad

“I was asked if Freddie was ever sad and was there anyone he could talk about those feelings

Yes, there were times Freddie was sad, many different situations arose which could make Freddie upset. There were times when he would walk away from a situation to leave others to deal with.

One instance was when Tiffany, one of his cats, was so very sick the vet said the only humane thing left after a lot of treatment, was euthanasia. Freddie was so upset at this, he arranged to visit a very good friend after spending some time alone with her, and he left Tiffany with Mary to take her to the vet.

When it was over, he called Mary to ask how it went and there were tears in his eyes. Freddie had some close friends, mostly female, that most people don’t know about, that he could open his heart to and rely on their advice.”

Peter Freestone

Jim stated in his book, Tiffany was dying of cancer and one morning in October of 89, she was in agony. He took her to the vet who suggested she be euthanized. He went back home to consult with Freddie and of course as hard as it was for Freddie, he agreed and Mary accompanied Jim and Tiffany back to the vets office. Tiffany was cremated and her ashes were buried in a little casket exactly in the middle of the enormous dining room window as Freddie requested.

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