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These days in April 1984…..Freddie Mercury’s Vogue Advertising promotion … It’s all about Diamonds 💎

Circus – Would you like to be the first man on the cover of VOGUE?

Freddie – “That would be great. You never know how true that might be, actually. We’re working on it.”

Freddie’s interview, Circus Interview, 1975

9 YEARS LATER in April of 1984… Freddie was advertising diamonds 💎 for Vogue!

“Freddie was approached by Vogue magazine in late April 1984 to appear in an issue with various other famous faces, in an article they were doing featuring diamonds. They wanted him to pose wearing a diamond stud. He agreed to the photo session as it was something new for him, and he loved diamonds. The photos were taken in Munich and appeared in the June 1984 issue. The diamond stud he was wearing was valued at several thousand pounds, but it was so small it wasn’t easy to see what he was supposed to be modeling.”

Source: Queen: As It Began

By Jackie Gunn and Jim Jenkins with Queen

Here’s the extraction from the Vogue advert:

Freddie Mercury. Currently in Munich recording a solo album due for release at the and of this year. Admired for his song-writing and singing with the highly successful band ‘Queen’. Wrote the famous ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which stayed at number one for nine weeks. Every ‘Queen’ Album has turned gold, many platinum. The most successful being ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1’, which has been in the British charts for two and a half years.

Wearing diamonds. A versatile brilliance.

A special combination of clarity and cut. Displaying carat and colour to maximum effect.

The beautiful photos were taken by Keith Valentine.

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