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All the strength of his passion

All the strength of his passion

“He was dying when he did those songs, and he knew he would be dead when they were finished because he said to me, ‘I’m going to sing it now because I can’t wait for them to do music on this. Give me a drum machine and they’ll finish it off.’”
Producer Dave Richards
(from ‘Days of Our Lives’ documentary)

👉 November 23rd, 1990 – Queen on the set of promotional video ‘Headlong’, Metropolis Studios, London, UK
Director The Torpedo Twins

🔸Brian May: “Freddie said, ‘Write me stuff. I know I don’t have very long. Keep writing me words, keep giving me things – I will sing, and then you can do what you like afterwards and finish it off.”

📸 Photographer Simon Fowler

  • ‘Headlong’ written by Brian May
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