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Gallery update tour BRUSSELS, BELGIUM 1982

23rd of April 1982. Queen performed the second evening @ Vorst Nationaal (Forest National) Brussels, Belgium ‘Hot Space European Tour’

The fast ‘We Will Rock You’ is performed for the first time this year. It would return to the number two spot for many more shows in May and June. ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ is moved to the end of the set proper.

After ‘Action This Day,’ Freddie says, “That was a song from an album called ‘Hot Space.’ I’m sure you’ve all got it already.” A few people shout “No!” and Freddie corrects himself. “It’s not in the shelves yet.” He then recovers by hastily introducing ‘Play The Game,’ something which he usually didn’t do.

‘Liar’ has also returned to the set (at the expense of Somebody To Love this evening), but it has less than a week to live. Freddie once again weaves bits of ‘Back Chat’ into the breakdown, but there is a little surprise toward the end of it. Brian May plays a chord progression a couple times that is similar to ‘For Your Love’ by The Yardbirds. He even plays it with the coin’s edge and close to the bridge to best emulate the tone of the original. Overall, it’s an incredible and energetic offering of the song, surely surpassing many versions from the previous decade.

Afterward, Brian explains, “For those of you who don’t know, that was a very, very old song by the way. ‘Liar’ is probably the first song we ever played together.” He then asks the audience in French, “Voulez-vous chanter?” as they’re about to cool things down with ‘Love Of My Life.’

Audio for ‘Play The Game’ https://youtu.be/yPPxIwNb0tg

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