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Queen performed their penultimate show of their ‘Hot Space Tour’

29 October 1982, Queen performed their penultimate show of their ‘Hot Space Tour’ @ Hokkaidouritsu Sangyou Kyoushin Kaijyou, Sapporo, Japan 🇯🇵 before 30,000 adoring fans

This is one of only two times Queen would perform ‘Teo Torriatte’ in its entirety (with Brian switching to his guitar for the “When I’m gone” part), at the expense of ‘Save Me tonight.’ This version would definitely be the better of the two.

After ‘Love Of My Life,’ Freddie gets the audience to clap rhythmically while he does some vocal improv. When he’s done, they’re not: “Now I can’t fucking stop ’em! Stop!” he shouts. And they quickly do, probably a bit startled by his demand.

As he had done a few times earlier in the year, Freddie plays the intro to ‘Death On Two Legs’ before ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ It would be heard only one more time, in 1985. Tonight he sings the verses of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ almost identically to the studio version, although his voice is struggling a bit on the higher notes. Still, as always, he gives his all. 💛

@Queen Live courtesy of Greg Brooks

The fabulous pictures of Freddie and his carnations were taken by Koh Hasebe

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