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Gallery update Royal Dublin Society Simmonscourt, Dublin, Ireland “The Works” Tour

28 August 1984, Queen performed the first of two evenings @ Royal Dublin Society Simmonscourt, Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 “The Works” Tour

The audience sing along with nearly every song (even the new ones), and Freddie points it out early in the show:

“It’s nice to be back on the road after nearly two years, you know. We almost forgot what it was like! But when we come over here, it’s kinda… you guys really like to sing, and that’s what I like. I really hate the audience that just sits there and does nothing. We like a bit of participation, huh!? We’re gonna try something new, this is uh… what the f**k is it? Oh, ‘It’s A Hard Life.’” The first few live versions of this song are fantastic, as Freddie is in such good voice. He’d offer equally great versions in Japan the following year.

Brian’s really enjoying himself too. Before ‘Is This The World We Created,’ he says how “It’s great to be back in Ireland. We really mean it.” He also points out that he’s playing a new electric classical guitar. After the song, he happily states, “I can’t remember when I heard such great voices in my life.” He and Freddie stop playing part way through ‘Love Of My Life,’ and in reaction to the choir of voices, Freddie says, “Too much!”

There were alleged bomb threats made against the band if they closed with ‘God Save The Queen!’ So the band wisely chose ‘A Day At The Races’ outro.

They had to do the same thing back in 1979!

@ Queen Live

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