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I didn’t remark that Freddie was the band’s front man particularly.

“I didn’t remark that Freddie was the band’s front man particularly. It was more that he shared that spot with Brian, who if anything, was the front man in those early years.

I have enormous respect for Brian and his undoubted ability as a songwriter and guitarist but he was no front man the way Freddie had the ability to become.

Freddie was like a leopard, moved extraordinarily well, he looked strong and lean and at the same time could look vulnerable and sexy. But, most of all he had an amazing rock vocal sound quality and vocal ranges that were unique. I began to sound like the pushy mother and told Freddie many times to be more forceful on stage and be a bigger presence out front at every opportunity.

He kept telling me that it was difficult and he didn’t want to upset the balance but I insisted that it would be him that the audience wanted to see because he could really connect with them.

The more he pranced and preened the more they loved QUEEN and Freddie. I wasn’t the only one who thought this was the right move. John Reid and David Evans were of the same opinion and the three of us were backing our hunch that it would be Freddie who would become the focal point and star of the show.

David Minns
‘This Was The Real Life’

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