Welcome to Freddie Mercury Online , his first, largest and best fansite source about Freddie Mercury, Best known as Frontman of The Band Queen. Here you will find information about Freddie,s projects, as well as news, photos and videos from Freddie.s and Queen life. We hope you enjoy and come back often.Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991) was a British singer and songwriter who achieved worldwide fame as the lead vocalist and pianist of the rock band Queen.

Yes Freddie did actually once ask me

“Yes Freddie did actually once ask me, ‘By the way dear, how do you boil an egg?’, of course I didn’t know! I said: ‘Well, I think it’s got something to do with water and heating it or something’. But no, he wasn’t into the day to day practicalities of life, but that was what made him so sort of special.

Freddie was a strangely explosive mixture of shy, quiet, withdrawn, almost secretive person, terrifically fertile brain, and then mixed with this explosive, charismatic….diva! It was a quite unique mixture. I’ve never met anybody remotely like him, and I know I won’t ever again!”

Roger Taylor 👑

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