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Gallery update Alfredo Escalante interview

21 September 1981 – Queen flew to Caracas , Venezuela in advance of their tour.

“Gluttons for Punishment” Tour

Freddie arrived first. The prominent announcer Alfredo Escalante achieved one of the few exclusive interviews granted by one of the best voices in the history of rock, Freddie Mercury.

About the interview with the incredible legend. Escalante said years later: “Freddie Mercury came alone before the band, and I was the only one who had access to him in the VIP lounge of the Maiquetía Airport. The most stressful(interview) was with Freddie, but not because of him but because of my way of interviewing him, I wanted to speak to him in English and he wanted to answer in Spanish, which was not understood much,” Alfredo Escalante says .

The conversation, recorded in El Poliedro de Caracas, it happened as soon as the singer arrived in the capital and he still intended to play five nights in Caracas. “All I want is for them to forget their problems, to be sure of themselves and to come together to listen to our music,” says Freddie.

Freddie is a true professional as always. A thoughtful man, always trying to do the right thing and making people happy. There was a language barrier but Freddie’s approach was considerate. Speaks volumes of the kind of person he was. ♥️

Source: El Estimulo

This was the second leg of the South American tour. Queen would kick off the “Gluttons” tour in Valenzuela on 25 September. The band was slated for five concerts but due to tragedy, two shows were cancelled as the country went into mourning following the death of former president Rómulo Betancourt.

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