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Peter Hince was asked: Were there some aspects of Freddie’s personality that you would have preferred to see portrayed differently in the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody?’

Freddie’s generosity, and his generosity of spirit and also with sharing his music. With John, Freddie drew out the talent in John, the songwriting talent, and you could tell that he knew John had it musically.

John is very underrated as a musician. He developed slowly but Freddie could see that, because Freddie used to sing John songs – because John didn’t sing. They worked closely on them and there was great trust and respect between the two of them. And the film doesn’t capture Freds humour – he used to laugh a lot – but never in the movie. 💛

Peter Hince

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I’ll carry on as long as I write music and people want to buy it. That’s important to me, but it’s not the be all and end all. I’m not going to be one of those old hams that keep going and going. I’d rather leave it at the top. I want to carry on doing what I am doing, but there’s a price to pay and I’m quite prepared to pay it. To me, what I do is priority and it’s what I love doing. Music is the thing that keeps me together. It’s like a shield for me – my musical abilities. I can fend off all kinds of things. So it’s like a battle all the time, but I don’t mind as long as I win through. I’ve built a structure, a kind of musical belief in myself, and that keeps me going. This is in my blood. The only thing I can do is to write music and perform, and that’s what I’m going to be doing – I think that’s what all of us are going to be doing, until we die…..

It’s not a question of having to keep doing it, of course – I’ve made a lot of money and I could live beautifully and wonderfully for the rest of my life – but the way I live is that I have to be doing something every day. I have a nervous energy that needs to be doing something. There’s a voice inside me saying, “Slow down, you’ll burn yourself out!” but I can’t stop. I basically write music and I want to keep doing that. I have a lot of songs and I enjoy doing them. You see, it’s come to a stage where before, I felt it was my work, my job, and though it’s still my work now, I don’t have to do it. I feel it’s something I enjoy doing and it’s very interesting. There are still lots of challenges ahead and I’m going to receive them with open arms.

Freddie Mercury

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A few days after Freddie’s Mad Hat Party. Queen were back on the charts with ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’. This kept Freddie feeling on top of the World as we took off for our Japanese holiday at the end of September 1986. It was the trip of a lifetime and cost Freddie well over a million pounds. Joe packed Freddie’s cases. He’d been to Japan before and loved to regale me with stories of his previous visits. ‘Really, the best time to go out is the spring when the azaleas are in bloom,’ he said. Azaleas were his favourite. He also said he was looking forward to buying things in Japan for Garden Lodge. He had finally set his heart on transforming the house, which still had bare walls and empty rooms, into a proper home for us all.

Jim Hutton 🌹♥️

The picture is of Freddie during his interview with ‘Music Life’ magazine 1986 Tokyo. This would be Freddie’s final visit to the beautiful country 🇯🇵
Credit Koh Haseby

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Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody retakes the throne and is number one for the 18th time in the NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 netherlands .Roller Coaster by Danny Vera, who topped the list last year, is now in second place. Remarkably high this year: A Whiter Shade Of Pale by Procol Harum in third position (153) and Radar Love by Golden Earring at sixth (33 last year).

“It remains impressive to see how voters use the NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 to express their feelings. Listeners remember Peter R. de Vries with their choice for A Whiter Shade Of Pale and pay tribute to the Golden Earring that stopped this year due to George Kooymans’ illness. The Top 2000 is also this time a reflection of the current events of the past year, right up to the highest levels,” says station manager Peter de Vries of NPO Radio 2.

Top 10

Until this afternoon at 4 p.m., the Netherlands was able to determine with which 2000 songs NPO Radio 2 will close the year. The top 10 of the 23rd Top 2000 is as follows (last year’s position in brackets):

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (2)Roller Coaster – Danny Vera (1)A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum (153)Hotel California – Eagles (3)Piano Man – Billy Joel (4)Radar Love – Golden Earring (33)Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin (5)Nothing Else Matters – Metallica (17)Black – Pearl Jam (6)Evening – Boudewijn de Groot (7)

The complete Top 2000 will be unveiled on Thursday 16 December between 12:00 and 14:00 during Annemieke’s A-Lunch on NPO Radio 2. Immediately afterwards, the complete list can also be viewed on As of December 8, voters can see whether their favorites have made it to the list via

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26 September 1981, Queen Performed their second of three consecutive evenings in the Capital of Venezuela 🇻🇪

The Arrival of Queen in Caracas:

In August 1981 I went on vacation to Portugal and returned on September 24th. That same day I received a call from my loving Carlos Supaga, an Argentine doctor who was living in Caracas at the time and with whom we had a nice group of friends with the same interests. I had just gotten off the plane and I confess I was a bit stunned because the holidays had been intense.

Carlos told me that he had a surprise for me and that he would pick me up at my house. I struggled between being tired from the trip and going out on the road right away, but at that moment I was very curious and the surprise caught my attention. We went to visit another friend who worked in Venevision and from there we went straight to the Caracas Hilton Hotel.

My friends didn’t tell me anything and all of a sudden I see that some bodyguards are checking the access to the elevators and that when my friend identified himself, they let us get on the executive floors where there were a lot more guards and a hectic activity of the staff, most of them foreigners. And we went into one of the suites and a few minutes later I see that group of “skinny and chubby” without even realizing who I was in front of.

Then, Freddie Mercury came out of one of the rooms, planted a kiss on each of us and there I realized that that was “the surprise”. (Well, really, I must confess that years after all this, it was that I realized I was with one of the most important musical groups in the world and of the century). Those were difficult days to tell. I learned a lot about this type of rich and famous (their tastes, hobbies, etc.).

They were very friendly and “playful” guys, Freddie was undoubtedly the most charismatic and charming, the others were very English and sour, but with us in the beginning this was chemistry and we did not separate until they left Caracas. My heart is my heart. I remember that even if we spent many hours in the suites (each had their own but also others where we all gathered) sometimes we would go down to the VIP restaurant of the hotel and there a whole body of security was formed because the lobby was invaded by fans going crazy to see them.

We ate surrounded by guards in civilian clothes and they spared no expense or taste. “But undoubtedly, the most exciting moments were the visits to the Polyhedron of Caracas for mass concerts. An army of people worked to make sure everything was ready. By the time we arrived, they didn’t let us pass with the audience, we were always with them in the dressing rooms and we saw the shows from their own platform ′ ′ behind the scenes ′ ′ and then back to the hotel to celebrate the successful presentations.

The former president, Rómulo Betancourt died and the two final shows were suspended and Queen left, leaving me in a trace that I will always remember … ” 💛

By Lucho Nunes – He met Queen and shared his story along with a picture of himself and a friend with Freddie The photo is below

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20 September 2012 – Queen screen their phenomenal, 1986 Budapest concert as “Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live In Budapest” in selected theatres worldwide, ahead of release on DVD and Blu-Ray.

On July 27, 1986, Queen performed the largest-ever, ground-breaking stadium concert at the Népstadion (translated, means, “The People’s Stadium”) in Budapest in front of 80,000 ecstatic fans. This was the first time the legendary band was able to add Hungary to a tour and what better tour than the successful, sold-out ‘Magic Tour’.

With three years to go before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this was the first Western rock concert performed in a stadium behind the then Iron Curtain. It was of such significance to the Hungarian authorities that an unprecedented collaboration of Hungary’s top film cameraman and technicians were formed to record it. The gear used (including seventeen 35mm cameras and 25 miles of film) was all the available gear in the country…for future generations to enjoy.

The band had tried to get permission to perform in the USSR and failed. “They thought we’d corrupt their youth or something,” Freddie Mercury quipped in a 1985 interview on Australian TV.

Queen were fully prepared to lose money on the venture, but that wasn’t the point. Roger Taylor told the press that they were doing it for “a tremendous feeling of job satisfaction.”

Here’s what Brian May and Roger Taylor had to say about the highly successful Hungarian Rhapsody film, “We’re delighted that Queen fans across the world will finally have the chance to relive this amazing moment for the band. We knew a stadium concert in Budapest was ground–breaking, but hadn’t quite anticipated what a historic night it would turn out to be. The concert looks fantastic on the cinema screen in all its digitally re-mastered glory and the documentary does a great job of setting the scene – it really was an extraordinary time in the band’s history and the most challenging and exhilarating gig.” Well, it was extraordinary time for the Hungarians too, I’m sure.

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