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This is another fantastic late 1977 show. Without a doubt this leg of the tour finds Queen at their peak on stage as an artistic entity. Freddie Mercury’s development as a singer is fully evident here as well, as he is dynamic and versatile – the thunder and the whisper, even amidst the heavier songs.

The beginning of Brian May’s solo evokes the doppler effect of a 747 flying overhead. He’s is migrating from pentatonic licks to more textural things in his solo spots on this tour, and it’s resonating with people on this night because there’s not a peep to be heard.

An audience tape of this show exists.

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One time Freddie went shopping, he saw a shirt and said: ‘Oh that’s very Crystal, I’ll get it for him as a Christmas present’. The next time I went to his house, Freddie told me how he had seen this shirt and got it for me for Christmas but he couldn’t contain himself any longer, said: ‘You must have it now! I know it’s a little early’. He ran upstairs to get it and proudly gave it to me, and I can honestly says it’s the first time I got a Christmas present in May.

Chris “Crystal” Taylor
Roger Taylor drum tech (Roadie)

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On a flying visit to Montreux in 1990, Freddie and I stayed at the Montreux Palace Hotel with Joe and Barbara Valentin. It was on that trip that Freddie wrote his song ‘Delilah,’ dedicated to his favourite cat. The shops were still open when the four of us were waking back from the studio at the end of the day. Freddie was now on the look-out for beautiful linen, mostly tablecloths. Displayed in one shop window was something so camp we all burst out laughing. It was a Minnie and Mickey Mouse night outfit with shirt, shorts and a Wee Willie Winkie bobble hat. Barbara went back to buy this night set as a present for Freddie, which she gave him back at the hotel.

Later, Joe and I turned in but Barbara and Freddie didn’t. They were in the mood to talk all night. I got up at seven in the morning and went into the sitting room where Freddie and Barbara were still wide awake and going strong. He looked a sight. He was wearing his new Minnie and Mickey outfit, including the Wee Willie Winkie hat.

Courtesy Jim Hutton

(Please let’s keep it positive)

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The ‘South America Bites The Dust’ tour (Game) saw the band being the first to play in South American stadiums in early 1981.
The tour began on February 28, with two consecutive nights at Estadio Velez Sarsfield in Buenos Aires, where the band drew a crowd of 300,000 people –the largest single concert crowd in Argentine history as of 1982.

Freddie Mercury first met Diego Maradona at a party in Castelar outside Buenos Aires, and invited him to appear on stage during Queen’s final Buenos Aires show. Maradona accepted readily.

“Freddie hadn’t really known who he was, as he was not what you could call a football fan,” said Peter Freestone.

Still, Freddie could not help but be amused by the young soccer star. To some extent, he could identify with him: they shared modest stature and an unquenchable thirst for success. Maradona duly appeared to ecstatic applause, whereupon the footballer peeled off his Number 10 team shirt, and swapped it for the rock star’s T-shirt. He then introduced “Another One Bites the Dust”, and retreated, as Queen tore in to one of Argentina’s all-time favorite rock numbers.

The photos that were taken on March 8, 1981 backstage at the Buenos Aires stadium Estadio José Amalfitani. Maradona is wearing the British Union Jack shirt of Brian May while Freddie Mercury is wearing a Diego Maradona #10 jersey from the Argentina national team.

When these photos surfaced, Maradona was heavily criticized by the Argentine people for wearing The British Union Jack considering The Falklands War “La Guerra de las Malvinas” between The United Kingdom and Argentina. He defended himself by saying that the photos were taken one full month before the conflict began and one full year before the war had even started.

Perhaps the Palo journalist was not so stupid when he quizzed Freddie at the asado. He put it to Freddie that the shirt-exchange moment with the nation’s greatest sporting idol had been a ‘demagogic act’.

Freddie, incensed by the implication, denounced the suggestion as ‘ridiculous’. He declared it to have been a friendly gesture, nothing more.

“If the audience thinks it’s OK to do such a thing, and appreciates it for what it is, I don’t give a damn what the press might think,” he retorted. “I’m going to do what I like, regardless of whether the press label it ‘demagogic’ or wrong,” said Mercury

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Queen Live !! November 26, 1979, The band performed at Apollo Theatre in Manchester, England. “Crazy” Tour

This is the first of two nights in Manchester. Because of technical issues with their lighting rig, the show began nearly two hours late.

The band opened with Let Me Entertain You and Tie Your Mother Down on the first night, as they had done at the previous few shows. They switched to the fast We Will Rock You for the second night to shuffle the deck a bit. On this tour, consecutive nights at a venue would never have the same setlist.

An audience recording of this show exists.

It’s a slight coincidence that Queen played in Manchester on November 26th in three different years – 1973, 1975, and 1979.

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