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December 21, 1973, The band performed at County Ballroom in Taunton, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Early Queen Gig: December 21, 1973, The band performed at County Ballroom in Taunton, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Roger Taylor recalled this show in 1999. “We used to play a place called the County Ballroom in Taunton. It would be packed, and then we’d go back three weeks later and it would be even more packed.”

Queen actually only played this venue twice, the second date being a few months later. (March 30, 1974)

I think for each of the fifteen years I knew Freddie we got together every Christmas

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except two, when we were in different countries. We’d meet usually on Christmas Eve, nights which ended up with drunken but happy carolling sessions, always exaggerated of course and sometimes with Freddie on piano. We did our separate things on Christmas day and then there was always a party once again on Boxing Day, mostly at his place, which went on until dawn broke. I don’t know how we found the energy then but the talk and the laughs just went on and on and on until we’d either drop exhausted or go our separate ways. That was the first thing I felt when I came to London at Christmas in 1991. There was a void. Something wasn’t the same. That Christmas, only a few weeks after his death, was the first time it struck me that Freddie really wasn’t there any longer and I couldn’t believe it. I called on Mary Austin and went out with Straker and spent my usual Christmas day with my family but despite the fun and merriment, there was always this vague, gnawing, empty feeling. I remembered the previous Christmas when Freddie and I had sat alone for a couple of hours, just chatting while everyone else had gone out. Freddie was virtually lecturing me to look after myself and to avoid the excesses. “We’re too old for all that shit any more, dear and it’s boring when you’ve done it all.” We hugged and kissed goodbye a few hours later and now I only have memories. Good memories. Fun memories, lifted up into that caravan of extravagance and carried along with never-ending laughs through all the excesses. I’ll miss him forever but he’ll always be there for the good things never go away.”

James Arthurs
Longtime friend from New York

Queen Live @ Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California, USA December 20, 1977 News of the World” Tour

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This is another fantastic late 1977 show. Without a doubt this leg of the tour finds Queen at their peak on stage as an artistic entity. Freddie Mercury’s development as a singer is fully evident here as well, as he is dynamic and versatile – the thunder and the whisper, even amidst the heavier songs.

The beginning of Brian May’s solo evokes the doppler effect of a 747 flying overhead. He’s is migrating from pentatonic licks to more textural things in his solo spots on this tour, and it’s resonating with people on this night because there’s not a peep to be heard.

An audience tape of this show exists.

One time Freddie went shopping, he saw a shirt and said: ‘Oh that’s very Crystal

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One time Freddie went shopping, he saw a shirt and said: ‘Oh that’s very Crystal, I’ll get it for him as a Christmas present’. The next time I went to his house, Freddie told me how he had seen this shirt and got it for me for Christmas but he couldn’t contain himself any longer, said: ‘You must have it now! I know it’s a little early’. He ran upstairs to get it and proudly gave it to me, and I can honestly says it’s the first time I got a Christmas present in May.

Chris “Crystal” Taylor
Roger Taylor drum tech (Roadie)

Queen facts: ….

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Queen facts: ….

On the 14th of December in 1980, Queen performed in the ‘Festhalle’ in Frankfurt, Germany…

🤘Brian plays the wrong chord on the piano at
the beginning of ‘Save Me’, causing him to
hesitate a bit.
Freddie has to stop for a moment until he figures out where Brian is.🙄😂

🤘Brian, after ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’:
“I have very little to say, except you’re probably the best audience in the western world.
The loudest, anyway.”
Much applause ensues, of course.
“This better be good, I tell you. You gotta sing this pretty good. This is called ‘Love Of My Life’.”

🤘The band play ‘Imagine’ once again, as they did
the night after John Lennon was shot.

🤘Click on the link for the video:
*Queen, Live in Frankfurt on the 14th of December 1980

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