Promotional videos might help songwriting, actually. I think it’s going to be very commonplace where people start recording, even writing, with the video in mind – which is wonderful. It’s another dimension. But a lot of the time people make videos and expect musicians to act out a certain role, and that’s where it falls down. There have been a lot of times where we’ve shied away from that. If you go into a little acting thing, you’ve got to do it really well, and if you don’t, it just comes across as really crass.

You’ve got to be very careful. I think “I Want To Break Free” works because of the fun element and the comedy. It’s so farcical. I can’t think of another video where the four principals, as it were, are actually doing real comedy drag. So often Queen comes across as very serious, when there is actually a lot of tongue-in-cheek there that people miss. The music ability is always there, and we’ve always been humorous underneath, but maybe it didn’t always come across through songs – or on stage, when we’re very aggressive. The humour element is always lost. The “Break Free” video was a good way of showcasing that side of us, and I think we coped quite well.

Freddie Mercury

Queen were always groundbreakers

The beautiful picture was taken by Simon Fowler

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